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    • Beginners Cove

      This Forum is for beginners of Copy Trading. If you are new to Copy Trading and want to know more this is the place to ask those questions. Even the smallest question can cause the biggest light bulb moment!

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    • 6 months, 2 weeks ago

       Adam Smith

    • Traders Lounge

      Even though you are copying other traders systems, you still need a plan to choose them and work out your leverage, plus when to enter and exit. Record and share your trade ideas in here! Create your own thread to track your personal progress and share your thoughts on whom you are following and why!

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    • 4 months ago

       Adam Smith

    • Forex Brokers

      Here you can discuss what brokers works with what Copy Trading platform. Share your tips on why you choose the the broker you did or if the case maybe didn’t go with.

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    • 4 months, 1 week ago


    • News
      This is where we will post any current news from Copy Trading site. Like  deposit bonuses, new services, new copy trading sites, anything news worthy.
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    • 2 years ago


    • Suggestions and Bugs

      If you have any suggestions or find a bug that needs squashing please share here. We want to make this an awesome forum and any ideas are greatly appreciated!

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